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For over 45 years, we have been at the forefront of noise measurement instrumentation and we're dedicated to providing innovative products, solutions and services to help protect people against the dangers of exposure to excessive noise levels.

Our Mission

Cirrus Research is dedicated to helping our customers to improve the quality of life of those affected by excessive environmental noise and to protect themselves and their employees from the effects of occupational noise exposure.

Our Passion

We strive to help people and businesses worldwide meet their noise measurement needs and we are dedicated to providing high quality noise measurement solutions, knowledge and support to our customers whilst growing a profitable and stable business, innovating and striving to be the best in all areas in which we operate.

The Cirrus Advantage

Our instruments are innovative and simple to operate whilst being supported by an industry-leading 15-year warranty. With over 40 years of experience, we can offer our products with industry-leading knowledge and confidence.

Our products are available worldwide and are available through a range of Cirrus Research plc offices, carefully selected distributors and service centres. We also offer our existing and prospective customers advice and information to help them determine which instrument is best suited to their application.

Our commitment is to provide a high-quality product at a competitive price in our core market areas, supporting our customer and distributors with noise measurement instruments that meet the latest and highest standards.

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Services Cirrus Research PLC Provide

Our Services


We offer a range of courses, online resources, webinars and bespoke training, all designed to help people get the best from their Cirrus noise measurement equipment and to better understand noise in the workplace and environment.

Instrument calibration & repair

We offer standard traceable calibration for all types of noise and vibration measurement equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. We're also a UKAS-accredited calibration laboratory (accreditation number 10148).

Full turnkey solutions

If you have specific requirements or aren't sure how to tackle your noise problem we can offer you a fully bespoke service, tailored to your each and every need, whether's suggesting the right instrument or carrying out a noise survey on your behalf.

Product hire

We understand that cost is often a major factor when choosing noise measurement equipment, which is why we established NoiseHire. All our equipment is available to hire on either a long or short-term basis, anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Cirrus Research PLC's Made Interview

The Invincible vs The Indestructible

"There is nothing out there that can rival the Optimus Red noise level meter for its intuitive technology and accuracy."

- Nick Phillips / Manufacturing Manager, Ilmor Engineering -

"The Optimus enables me to simultaneously get all the noise data I need, assess arising noise issues, make decisions, act on them immediately and record what's happening."

- Chris Selkirk (TechIOA) / Noise Consultant -

"It is a first class instrument and should be the prime tool of all environmental and occupational health officers - indeed all territorial officers should have this as their first port of call for noise measurements. It has all but exceeded all my expectations and I will be recommending it to all the health professionals I meet."

- Dr Philip Dickinson / Professor, Sound Centre at Massey University -

"We can use the Optimus in any part of the auditorium, on stage or back stage, so we can be very accurate in the data we collect across every part of Jersey Opera House."

- Chris Wink / Technical Manager, Jersey Opera House -

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